16 Books Team Leaders Should Read To Develop Their Leadership Skills

“Leadership is one of the most important traits in today’s fast-moving business climate. The methods of the 1980’s don’t work anymore, the times are-a-changing. Business leaders today need to be charismatic, charming, strong and honest.

You might think you don’t have enough time to develop your leadership skills, but honing your skills can be as easy as simply reading a book. To get you started here are 16 books you should read to develop your leadership skills recommended by business leaders.”-Nathaniel Fried

Many people ask us  what they can start doing now to be better leaders and business owners. It’s no secret that successful CEO’s and Business Owners are avid readers, they’re constantly learning and expanding their minds. Why wouldn’t you be doing the same?!

Here are the Top 3 Books we recommend, as featured in the article below:

Read the full article here, and vote for our three choices!


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