How to make colorful slices of pear or apple to decorate cakes.


-2 parts of water
-1 part sugar
-food dye in gel or natural dyes (eg beets, raspberries, blue Chinese peas – peas I stained blue and purple slices)
-pears / apples

Step 1  Water with sugar bring to boiling, add the dye. The more dye, the more intense the color and the smaller the effect of transparency.

Step 2 Pears cut into thin slices 1-1.5 mm. We use firm varieties, we choose less-ripened fruits with a proportional shape. It’s best to use a good quality mandolin, but you can handle a sharp knife. The thicker the slices, I would curl more when drying

Step 3 Slice the pears into the boiling syrup, reduce the power of the burner to medium and cook for about 10-15 minutes, until the slices become slightly transparent. Then turn off the stove and leave the pears in syrup for 1-2 h (you can even for the whole night).

Step 4 Pry dry the paper towel, put on a sheet lined with Teflon or silicone mat. The baking paper is OK too, but I’ve noticed that the pears are more adhering to it.

Step 5  Pear for cake decoration, dry for about 2 hours in the oven at 75 C, or in a fruit dryer (in the dryer a little longer). Pears should be still flexible, do not overdo it with drying, we do not mean to get chips. The pears hardens additionally after being removed from the oven. The length of drying depends on from the thickness of the patches, so check every 30 minutes. 

Notes: If you want, after drying, you can additionally emphasize the color of the patches with powder dyes, golden powder etc. Stick the patches to a track covered with cream or ganache. Pears for decorating the cakes are stored in an airtight container, put baking paper between the layers of slices.

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